September 15, 2017
November 21, 2017


$2,495.00 Incl. GST

No deposit, no interest finance available – only $23.28 weekly



These electric bikes are light, flexible and controlled via mobile application. Every bike is equipped with a patented VeloUp!™ Smart Drive System, which can identify road conditions, automatically judging riding intentions and output different assisting power to ensure ease of mobility.

Every bike is also equipped with Panasonic’s world class power lithium battery and battery management system, which offers efficiency, stable power output and long battery range. They’re healthy and environment friendly. They’re made for people yearning for something fun, something convenient and stylish for going places.

The design is urban, and has an eye-catchingly fresh design, which has won awards for style around the world, including Gold Award at the largest bike show in the world (Taipei Bike Expo) for innovation and design.

MOTOR: 250watt Brushless
BATTERY: 36volt Lithium
CAPACITY: 5.8Ah Weight:  14kg
DISTANCE: Up to 70km
DRIVE SYSTEM: VeloUP!™ Smart Drive
FRAME: Aluminium
RIM SIZE:  20”